Sunday, January 10, 2010

Harry Potter dolls

These Tonner dolls are Harry Potter characters. Tonner also has lots of other Harry Potter characters besides the ones I have, like Draco, Lucius, Snape, and even Voldemort! Plus they have accessories and clothes and stuff....but I don't have any of that, I have Harry and Hermione in their school outfits and that's it. Maybe someday I will be able to collect all the characters and their stuff. I'm not sure how I feel about Ron, though. I feel they gave him Bozo hair.

Tonner also makes similar dolls for other movies too, not just Harry Potter. They have Twilight, Titanic, and lots more. You should check out Tonner Dolls.

These pictures are kinda old, I got Harry back when he first came out (after the release of Goblet of Fire- that's Year 4, in case you don't remember the titles). In case you are wondering why he has blue eyes instead of green, it's because the dolls are based off the movie actors, not the book characters. Also, the Harry dolls hair is very long because in the 4th movie his hair was long, and these dolls all came out after the 4th movie so their "look" is all kind of reflective of that movie.

So anyway, when I got Hermione...well, let me tell you a funny story about when I got Hermione.

I had gotten Harry before, and so for my birthday I asked for Hermione. This was years ago.

Well anyway my mom had wrapped the Hermione doll in birthday wrapping paper and then left the box that the doll came in someplace in our house (I don't remember where).

My dad knew I had Harry, so when he saw the box my mom had left someplace, he thought I was getting rid of my box that Harry came in, I guess. So he brought the box to me and said, "Don't you think you should keep this box to put your Harry doll in?"

So he's holding it out toward me, and there's this *giant label* on the end of the box (the end that was facing me) and the label said, "HERMIONE DOLL".

Lol. Poor clueless daddy.

I said, "Gee, I guess I know what I'm getting for my birthday!"


My dad turned the box around and saw the label and got this silly look on his face and said, "....Oh."


I mean, it wasn't a huge surprise, I *did* ask for Hermione for my birthday, after all....but don't always expect to get something just because you asked for....I mean, maybe my parents didn't buy Hermione. Maybe they had bought me some other doll thing. They know I like dolls. They didn't *have* to buy Hermione just because I wanted her. They could have gotten any old doll thing.

So it was a birthday surprise that bit the dust.

Not only was I spoiled getting this great birthday present, but I was literally *spoiled* by my own birthday present.

Here, take a look at my pics if you want... I know I took too many, but I had so much fun with them. They're not American Girl dolls, but they have a lot of playability to them (including the ability to look as if they're walking or dancing) and their faces are so realistic that it makes them very beautiful.

Oh, they each come with a wand but I didn't have it in the picture....the wands are so little that I didn't want to lose them so I usually just leave them in the box. The wands are the only "accessory" they come with, other accessories you can get are sold seperately. The coolest accessory, I think, is Harry's Quidditch set. It costs too much but I can't help wanting it!

See for yourself:

I love how expressive she looks:

Harry looks kinda weird up here:

I don't know why she isn't wearing her tights:

I would never ever brush this hair:

I just love her face. Emma Watson is too pretty to be Hermione. The fact that Hermione is supposed to be "not pretty" is actually one of the things I enjoy about her character:
Practicing for the Yule Ball? :
fancy-schmancy practicing for the Yule Ball:
For some reason Harry's face is all fuzzy in this:
This one's not much better but at least he's got pretty eyes:
Hermione's a bit fuzzy too, maybe I just zoomed in too close:
Hermione looks like she is smiling more in this one:
I didn't mean to put this one on here, 'cuz it came out bad, but then I couldn't get it to be removed for some reason:
Best Friends:
Best friends stick together through thick and thin:

Hermione, profile:
This is Hermione's school uniform without her sweater and robes, which I took off:
Harry and Hermione are like brother and sister, not boyfriend and girlfriend. That is because they are not supposed to end up together. J.K. Rowling has a different idea for both of them:
Harry looks kinda evil in this:
Hermione looks reflective in this...oh, there's her sweater, by the way:
Hermione looks kinda mad when the light is turned down:
Is this a double post? I can't tell:
Matching school sweaters. If they look too big on top, it is because I didn't snap the sweaters in the back. I was too busy playing with them to bother to dress them correctly:
I was trying to make them look like they were just standing around talking, but that didn't really work, because look at their feet...they have poseable feet, and I didn't exactly do any posing, lol:

Okay here I got the poseability thing down. I love that you can make them look like they're walking:
Hermione sitting down, too dark:
Hermione sitting down, too light:
No they are not dating and I don't want them to date...but I couldn't resist makin' them hug like they do in the movies. :-)
When I took this picture, I had no idea you could see up Hermione's skirt. Thank goodness for thick leggings.
Here they are- this is how they look when you buy them. They come dressed in their unform and their robes and wands are included.
Here they are sitting on all the HP stuff I had at that time-
The Harry and Hermione dolls,
The first 6 Harry Potter books,
Plus the two "textbooks" they made from Hogwarts School,
And the first 4 harry Potter movies.
(Now I also have the 7th book of the series, which by the way is the last book sadly!
And I also have the book Tales of Beedle the Bard, which is like Harry Potter fairy tales.)


  1. LOL, where are Harry's glasses? ;)
    You're so lucky to have the Tonner Harry and Hermione dolls. I have a Hermione fashion doll and a cloth Harry who looks like a giant compared to Hermione, lol. I'd love to get a Tonner doll of at least one of the characters someday. I really, really want Bellatrix because, not only do I love the character, I want to pair her with the Tonner I do have, Elphaba Thropp (from Wicked/Wizard of Oz). I think they would get along quite well...or maybe not. ;) Then again, I also really want Luna and Hermione.


  2. Hi Laura...Wow thats cool you have HP dolls too but thats funny what you said about one being huge, haha. I want Bellatrix too. She is cool but I was a bit squicked out when she like kissed Draco's neck in the last movie...woman that's your NEPHEW lol. Luna would be awesome too...she is my dad's favorite character because she says such funny things. My dad doesn't read the books like I do but he's seen the movies. He laughed so hard when Luna said she wears shoes to bed because she sleepwalks. :-)